The Most Comfortable Office Chairs I Found for My Home Office

Sitting down the entire day can potentially damage the body in the long-term and in order to reduce and eliminate joint pain, cramps, compromised circulation, and a host of other possible health issues, using an advanced, ergonomic chair is the best way to relieve symptoms from being seated throughout the day. With literally hundreds of models on the market these days, however, narrowing down the most comfortable chair can be a difficult task and takes a bit of research. The following list of chairs have made the list through careful vetting and reviews by experts that seek to provide the best chair possible for the best experience yet!

AmazonBasics Low Back

You never should have to compromise your health or comfort when seated and the Amazon Basics is a sturdy, simple chair that is comfortable and affordable enough for nearly any budget. Especially for shorter people, this model provides even more support to the lower back. There are several sources to consider that will help solve your back pain problems.

The first advantage to the Amazon Basics is the price as it is one of the better chairs available on the market at its current price. An Office Worthy List consistently ranks it at the top of its class. Second, both the seat and back are fully cushioned, with contour designs that wrap around the sides of your entire body to provide additional padding and support. The design ensures that users will slouch and curve their backs less as they sit. The base and caster are manufactured with sturdy nylon that’s shatterproof and hard to collapse. The sturdy frame allows for up to 250 pounds of pressure and it is adjustable with special fabric and the best elements of mesh and fabric to produce a cool seat cushion.

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Chair

Amazon is one of the leading producers of excellent office chairs and for taller workers, their AmazonBasics Mid-Back Chair is designed with a slightly higher back with a molded mesh backing for additional support and breathability. This model is an excellent choice for the average worker that requires a simple, affordable, and ultimately comfortable option.

The model comes equipped with armrests for increased comfort and support, with a contoured mesh back that is more flexible than traditional rectangular padding. Designed with a higher back is ideal for the taller worker and the mesh back material is highly breathable, making it a perfect solution to offices that are hot and stuffy. With a 1 year warranty and low competitive price, it is a great selection to consider that won’t break the bank.


The Space ergonomic office chair offers great features at a competitive price that is definitely one to consider that won’t cost an arm and a leg. With increased lumbar support, padded armrests, and a stylish eco-leather seat, it is priced slightly higher than other brands but still reasonable.

The Space office chair is made with casters and heavy-duty nylon base that makes it shatterproof and allows for more durability. Manufactured with synthetic compounds and recycled materials, it is easy to clean. It has been designed specifically to support the lumbar region and lower back area and is helpful in helping people to maintain a healthy posture. A one-touch lever on the side of the seat allows for more comfort and is a step above most models on the market currently. Previous buyers have complimented its durability and design and it has only gotten better.

In general, the more your office chair costs, the more ergonomic it will be. With so many types of chairs out there, kneeling chair reviews can help narrow down the field before you decide. The more costlier features typically include thicker cushioning, extra padding, and advanced technological designs. Have an idea of approximately how much you are willing to spend on a chair and then begin researching stores and asking all the right questions until you select their chair best suited for your situation. For those that plan to use their office chair only a few hours each day, a more affordable option is definitely the way to go.